Hutchinson Legion Post 96




414 Newsletter for March 


Fellow Voyageurs: 

    Who would have guessed we'll be watching the Super Bowl enjoying fall weather.  Pretty crazy all over the country.  No snow, green grass, may have to mow next week. 

     The calendar drawings began January 1st with $300 going to David Gunderson of Litchfield, other January winners were Karen Maiers, Lee Hoff, Chris Fischer, and Jerry Mealeners.  February winners are Wade Bryan, Jeanne Haag, Carrie Thom, and Art Kuechle.  March winners will be in the next newsletter.

     Sadly we lost a long time loyal 40&8er Doc Voigt after a short illness.  We had 14 Voyageurs attending his Memorial Service.  His smiling face and humor will be sadly missed.  Our membership for this year is nearly completed with 109 Voyageurs paid.

     Join me in welcoming new Voyageurs Will Simmons from St. Cloud, Ken Kockelman from Hutchinson and Paul Chadwick from Litchfield.  They were all duly voted on and formally wrecked into Voiture 414 by Past Grand Chef de Gare, Jerry Block with Voyageurs Tim Swan and Jim Nelson present. 

     February Promenade will be on the 7th at the Hutch VFW.  February 10th will be Voiture 415 Christmas Party and Auction at the Zimmerman American Legion Post and February 24th will be our annual Mid-Winter Promenade which will be held at the Sauk Rapids VFW.  It is always a fun time at the auction which is V415 Nurses Training fund raiser.  Try to attend.  March 6th will be our Promenade at the Hutch VFW.  Come and join us for a great meal and camaraderie.

Jerry Block, Correspondant    










A 40&8 Promenade,  Hutchinson, MN

Closing the Promenade in the old Legion Post 96'  Hutchinson, MN