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Ever wonder why do I belong to The American Legion?

Did you know that an American Legion Past National Commander (Camery) wrote the first G.I. Bill, rushed  it from Georgia to Washington,presented and got it pasted in Congress.  The American Legion also wrote and presented the new P.A.C.T Act to Congress and it to was passed.  The two greatest benifits to veterans in history.  The Legion also fought for and won over $14,000,000,000.00 (Billion) in Veteran's disability claims during just 2021.  The Legion never sleeps when it comes to fighting for Veteran's rights.  The Hutchinson Post 96 is part of that and has won both State and National recognition for the work they have been doing for the Veteran Community, Both homeless or in need of just a helping hand and often times have been involved with Suicide prevention.  

Veterans Join!  Belong to a Post that is a Shaker and a Mover in what we are accomplishing for you!   Basically every VA benefit you are receiving the American Legion fought for so you can have it available for you or your one of your buddies.


Open the link below and see all the wonderful achievements that Post 96  accomplished Just during the 2021- 22 year.  Never before has Post 96 done more for the City and Veteran Community.  You can join a Post that is doing something that serves both Our Veterans and the Community!  Open the Link for a trip through reality of what you can belong to!




There is a very true saying:

"A Value has a Value only if its Value is Valued"

Think about it

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197 - West Elementary kids waiting for the Flag program put on by Voiture 414 of the 40/8.  Hutchinson Legion members assisted and the kids were really great during the entire program.  They really know the Pledge of Allegiance and are proud of it.  The program was cut a bit short with some thunder and possible lightning in the distance.  


Vern Krentz and Sam Flom preparing for the next flag fold while Bob Rolander read what each fold means.  This really held the attention of the kids who were so good throughout the program.



McLeod County Forty & Eight awards RN Nurses Scholarships

McLeod County V-414, 40&8 awarded RN Nursing Scholarships at annual banquet held at the Hutchinson VFW on December 10.  They received a total of $7000 from the V-414 Nurses Scholarship Fund and thanks to donations from Hutchison American Legion Post 96 and also Hutchinson Chapter 37 of the DAV. Nursing students seated l to r - Ellie Petersen, Brittney Richter, MaKanna Neagbour.  Standing - State and Local 40&8 officers, Grand Nurses Training Directeur Rick Cross, Sous Chef de Chemin der Fer Steve Dircks, Grand Le Editor James Olson, Grand Chef de Gare Joe Brown, Grand Correspondent Kevin Kibler, V-414 Chef de Gare Pete Stoltenow, V-414 Correspondent Jerry Block. Students unable to attend were Emily Graupmann, Madalyn Prokosch, and Garrett Becker.


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