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Set yourself up on The National American Legion Membership Site:  "MYLEGION" and you can sign up for automatic renewal of dues every Year.  A great convenience, no more checks, stamps or just plain remembering to do it.

Contact Don Pankake (612)-280-7320 - Please leave a voice mail for Don, if have questions on setup.  It takes minutes to do.

It is so easy, and no junk mail will be sent to you.  But you can see what the Legion is doing for Veterans. Setup dues Auto Pay or just do it annually on your own.  Sign up, it's FREE!  Top corner of this page, click on MYLEGION and register.  You will need your email address and dream up a 9-10 digit password. Write it down and you will be registered

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Coming in January

  The District Mid-Winter Conference hosted by the Nicollet American Legion 

Link to Register forThe Mid-Winter Conference and Meal options.

All of these events are put on for the education & enjoyment of "US"  The American Legion Family members.  Car pool and make it a Post 96 group event.  If you have not been to one we have fun, meet new friends and learn at the same time. 


Ever wonder why do I belong to The American Legion?

Did you know that the American Legion fought for and won over $14,000,000,000.00 (Billion) in Veteran's disability claims during just 2020.  The Legion never sleeps when it comes to fighting for Veteran's rights.  The Hutchinson Post 96 has won both State and National recognition for the work they have been doing for the Veteran Community, Both homeless, in need of just a helping hand and often times have been involved with Suicide prevention.  

Veterans Join!  Belong to a Post that is a Shaker and a Mover in what we are accomplishing for you!   Just about every VA benefit you are receiving the American Legion fought for so you cab have it available for you or your one of your buddies.


Open the link below and see all the wonderful achievements Post 96 has accomplished Just during the 2021- 22 year.  Never before has Post 96 done more for the City and Veteran Community.  You can join a Post that is doing something, that serves both Our Veterans and the Community!  Open the Link for a trip through reality of what you can belong to!




There is a very true saying:

"A Value has a Value only if its Value is Valued"

Think about it

Join the Hutchinson American Legion!


With The American Legion caps over their hearts, every Post 96 Meeting begans with a Prayer for Our Great Country



Use the "Events Calendar" Tab  for the up to Date Info. & Dates



Post 96's Chaplain Dave Heidebrink receiving the prestigious "Pat Cliff" award from State Employment Committee Chairman Robert Hart of Stillwater.  Presented at the Department of Minnesota State Convention.  The Pat Cliff Award is awarded to the Legionnaire who contributes the most to Veterans Employment in Minnesota.         

Great Job Past Post 96 Commander Dave Heidebrink

CONTACT: Commander Diane Jankowski at 612-227-6506 if you have questions.

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Next Legion Meeting - November 16th @ 1900 hrs

  Dinner is on at 5:30 to enjoy prior to the meeting. 

Hutch Legion Meetings are Fun & Informative Events..

Come to the meeting early.   Enjoy Dinner and Chat.   

New, Old and Female Members are joining with us more & more all the time.

It's great to belong to a Post that is doing something.


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